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Maternal and NewBorn Care

BB Medical Home Care Company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and provides the best treatment services such as nursing care and physiotherapy at home under the supervision of consultants in nursing and physiotherapy using modern equipment and equipment. Since the mother's state of health is as essential as the health of the child, our company provides nurses specializing in mother and child care before and after delivery.Our services are:-

  1. Follow up and educate pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum.
  2. Complete health care for the mother.
  3. Comprehensive and complete care for newborns.
  4. Follow up on the physical and neurological growth and development of the child.
  5. Measure height, weight and head circumference of the child.
  6. Measure temperatures and heartbeats systematically.
  7. Provide breastfeeding and child nutrition in general.
  8. Clean the baby's body and shower and change diapers.
  9. Provide a safe place to sleep for the child.
  10. Provide first aid to the child in case of an emergency.
  11. Providing awareness and education on child health, development, growth and nutrition.

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