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Medical Massage Services

BB Medical Home Care Company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and provides the best treatment services such as nursing care and physiotherapy at home under the supervision of consultants in nursing and physiotherapy using modern equipment and equipment. Our medical massage services are as following :

  1. Massage diluted for neck pain.
  2. Circulation or pressure massage.
  3. Chest massage to relieve cough.
  4. Massage the times or scrub.
  5. Massage relieving headache.
  6. Vibratory massage.
  7. Massage for facial skin.
  8. Comprehensive massage for all parts of the body.
  9. Anti-stress massage and relaxation.
  10. Finger pressure massage.
  11. Massage to relieve foot pain.
  12. Mild massage for morning troubles.
  13. Massage Rehabilitation Athletes.
  14. Activated massage for blood circulation.
  15. Massage for back pain.
  16. Massage diluted for fatigue and leg pain.
  17. Top shoulder massage.

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