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Physiotherapy Services

BB Medical Home Care Company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and provides the best treatment services such as nursing care and physiotherapy at home under the supervision of consultants in nursing and physiotherapy using modern equipment and equipment. The therapeutic services we provide are treatment and rehabilitation of a large number of conditions such as:

  1. Nervous system injuries: paraplegia, Parkinson's, facial paralysis, polio.
  2. Great muscle and injuries.
  3. Back and neck pain - muscle cramps.
  4. Joint injuries - repair of the feet.
  5. Training the patient to recover the function of the injured part as much as possible.
  6. Work on the flexibility of the joints and strengthen the muscles.
  7. Training the patient on the use of prosthetic devices.
  8. Rehabilitation of the patient when needed to use assistive devices to improve the functions of his daily life.
  9. Maintain strong muscle function and increase endurance.
  10. Motivate and encourage the patient to be social.
  11. People with congenital or congenital bone disease.
  12. Children and their complications during childbirth.
  13. Sports injuries.
  14. Prenatal and postnatal sports rehabilitation and training in pregnant women.
  15. Give intravenous injections and antibiotics diagnosed by the attending physician.

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